Karen Mantell

Karen’s mother Lili was born in Lvov, Ukraine in 1930 and was brought up, with her brother Uriel, in Krakow by her parents Cecylia and Filip Stern.

Her family suffered terribly at the hands of the Nazis in the Lvov Ghetto and she owes her survival to two courageous non-Jews, a German civilian who was attached to the Nazi occupying forces in Lvov, Irmgard Wieth, and the Greek Catholic Archbishop of the city, Andrey Sheptytsky.

Lili and her mother were the only survivors of an extended family of more than 300. Lili was a passionate humanitarian who dedicated herself to educating people about The Holocaust and building bridges between communities. 

Lili was a lifelong advocate of the power of education and we are proud that her name will be forever associated with our charity.